How Do I Receive the Crimson Cash Discount?

Eligibility for the Crimson Cash discount is limited to Research Fellows in Quad-based Departments of HMS
If you are a new postdoc, please allow 2-3 weeks for the discount to be activated as the Crimson Cash office uploads new postdocs into the system every 2 weeks.
- For Technical Support please email CrimsonCashHelp@Harvard.edu or call (617) 495-7777
- For General support please email Crimson_Cash@Harvard.edu or call (617) 496-6600

Can You Add me to Your Email List?


HMS Quad-based and Hospital-based Postdocs are automatically added to our email list via the individual HR departments.

For new arrivals: Please allow 2-3 weeks for your email to be added to the list as it is only uploaded once a week.

If you have been a postdoc for over 4 weeks and you are not receiving our emails, your email may need to be added/updated in Ecommons:
Please log into eCommons and update your info (eCommons -> Login -> Preferences -> MyAddress -> Edit).