RCR: Collaborative Science


Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12:30pm to 2:00pm


TMEC 209, 260 Longwood Avenue, Boston

Facilitator: TBA
Description: The Center for Bioethics’ RCR Course is primarily restricted to post doctoral trainees working within Quad based, HMS Faculty laboratories. Please note, in general, we are not able to accommodate requests from the hospital institutions with respect to training their clinical trainees. Exceptions may be considered on an individual basis and can depend on the the trainee’s primary funding source. Hospital administrators should look to their own institutions for RCR offerings.
The first 80 people registered for each session will receive a detailed email including location and how to access readings at least ONE WEEK prior to each session. (Priority will be given to those who attended sessions last year and need to complete their training this year.)
The course is designed to run as a graduate-style seminar. Each session will be co-facilitated by the course director, research faculty, and administrative deans. This course is meant to provide an opportunity to openly and critically reflect with your peers and others about what responsibility and integrity should mean to the professional scientific community. To that end, you will be expected to have done the readings prior to class and you will be expected to participate in discussion.
Registration Required: