How Do I Receive the postdoc discount at HMS dining facilities? (beginning October 30, 2017)

Please note, Crimson Cash will no longer be accepted at HMS dining facilities after October 30. However, you will still be able to use it at the Harvard Chan School dining facilities, as well as in Longwood campus vending machines, laundry rooms and the Coop. To check your Crimson Cash balance, please visit:

If you have any questions regarding operational changes to the dining facilities, please contact Chris Sottile at

Eligibility for postdoc discount is limited to Research Fellows in Quad-based Departments of HMS.
Postdocs whose primary appointment is at one of the hospitals are not eligible for the discount at any HMS dining facilities.

FAQs about the discount and changes from Crimson Cash:

Will postdocs still receive a discount? The scope of the discount program will not change. The program will continue to include all HMS, Harvard Chan School and HSDM students and postdocs. What will change is the way the program is administered. All you need to do is inform the cashier that you are a student or postdoc, and regardless of the payment method, you will receive the discount.

How will cashiers know I’m a student or postdoc? This program runs on the honor system. Inform the cashier that you are a student or postdoc and they will apply the discount.

Why can’t we use Crimson Cash as well? Due to data security issues we cannot run Crimson Cash information through the same channels as credit/debit/phone data. If we were to offer both methods, we would need to run two separate systems at the same time. Due to space and operational constraints it would be inefficient to run both and would increase transaction time. The survey we sent out last year identified wait time as one of the community’s main concerns, so after weighing the pros and cons of running duel systems we decided against it.

How can I use my Crimson Cash balance after Oct. 27? Crimson Cash will still be functioning on the Longwood campus at Harvard Chan School dining, Sami’s Cart outside Vanderbilt Hall, and all vending and laundry machines. It can also be used in Cambridge and on Mass. Ave. at various locations including the Harvard Coop.

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