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Announcements & News

Appeals Court will not Reinstate Revised Travel Ban (5.25.17)

Future of Research: "How international scientists can advocate, and how U.S. scientists can support them,"

Traveling Abroad? Register your trip with Harvard's Global Support Services and visit for health, safety & emergency resources.

Harvard GSS: Electronics Ban Information and Advice (3.22.17)

NPA Notice for International Scholars (3.16.17)

"In support of International Students" - Harvard Gazette (3.14.17)

Immigration Updates & Resources:

- International Announcements Archive


J-1 HMS International Visitors: Getting Started Orientation | Pizza lunch will be provided. The getting started orientation covers information about public and Harvard transportation services, telephones, banking, safety, Harvard resources, procedures for renting an apartment, volunteering, and more within the 2-hour session. 

Remaining 2017 dates: September 6, October 31 & December 13

Information & Resources

Harvard International Office
The HIO is part of the University’s Central Administration and offers services to international students and scholars at Harvard College, the graduate and professional schools, as well as the numerous research centers and affiliated teaching hospitals, to minimize the difficulties they may experience both upon arrival and later during their stay at Harvard. Mission: HIO provides information on a wide range of topics, including immigration issues (work permits, travel), financial questions, social and cultural differences, and resources at Harvard and in the community. International students are given the opportunity to participate in Harvard's International Student Host Program, which connects them with Americans living in the Cambridge and Boston areas.

Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program
For thirty years, the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC), in partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services, has focused on direct representation of individuals applying for U.S. asylum and related protections, as well as representation of individuals who have survived domestic violence and other crimes and/or who seek avoidance of forced removal in immigration proceedings pursuant to various forms of relief (i.e., VAWA, U-visas, Cancellation of Removal, Temporary Protected Status, etc.). HIRC is also involved in appellate and policy advocacy at the local, national, and international levels.

Harvard Global Support Services
Our mission is to support and enable Harvard’s international projects and travel while mitigating risks to the University and individuals. What We Do: We provide tools and guidance that enable faculty, students, and staff to study, work, and research overseas. In support of the University’s international strategy, we work with every School and Central Administration department to simplify global operations, facilitate collaboration, and flexibly address risks.

The J Exchange Visitor Guide
"The J Guide" - Information for J Exchange Visitors Sponsored by Harvard University from the Harvard International Office

Travel Tools at Harvard
Register your itinerary, learn about Harvard Travel Assist and find visa requirements & application assistance (for US citiizens).

Tax Information for Foreign Nationals
As a Harvard postdoc you have access to the Windstar tax preparation software to help you prepare your tax return -  "Windstar is a software program that assists certain foreign nationals in determining U.S. federal and Massachusetts state tax status. It will also prepare the appropriate tax forms required for filing Tax Non-Resident tax returns." Available via the HIO website.
The Harvard International Office also has a section on taxes and social security.  Their website includes links to tax preparers that specialize in international returns as well as contacts for state and federal government resources to help answer your questions about how to declare fellowship income, reimbursements, etc.
  -Overview of Tax Information for Postdoc, from the National Postdoctoral Association

Harvard Neighbors
- Harvard Neighbors is a volunteer and membership organization that for over 100 years has worked to create a sense of community for the members of this large University. Through a wide variety of activities, Harvard Neighbors helps both newcomers and more established members to become acquainted with one another. The volunteers welcome and offer support to recent arrivals; plan and host a variety of social events; and offer special activities and social opportunities for people who share common interests. Membership is open to active and retired Harvard faculty and staff (including visiting scholar and researchers, postdoc fellows and program fellows) and their spouses or partners.

Boston & Cambridge Official Visitor Guide
- Complete online version of the printed guide, easy to read in PDF format. Published by the Greater Boston Convention & Visitor's Bureau, Inc.