Resilience & Mindfulness for Postdocs


Monday, May 15, 2017, 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Ballard Room, Countway Library, 5th Fl., 10 Shattuck Street

Featuring: Sabrina Woods, Holistic Career Coach & LinkedIn Trainer (
Workshop Description: Please join us for this afternoon's workshop led by Sabrina Woods and focusing on research resilience and a mindful approach to your job search. Studies show that mindfulness practices can be helpful in many ways from better health and decreased stress to greater productivity and happiness.  A search in PubMed on the word “mindfulness” turns up over 4,000 articles.
Growing up I told my mom not to say the “M” word in front of my friends. It was way too embarrassing that she was into something as weird as meditation! But now the benefits of meditation and other mindfulness practices are being capitalized upon by CEOs, not to mention being used to transform whole school systems.
Join us for an interactive workshop where we’ll discuss how mindfulness practices and positive psychology principles can help you build resilience to better handle stress.  This can apply to the everyday stress that can come up at work, as well as the added stress of being in the job search. The aim of this session is for it to be collaborative, engaging and practical.
In this workshop you will learn techniques to:
• Lower your stress with tips that fit into an already busy schedule
• Approach your job, as well as the job search, feeling more calm and confident
• Tackle tough career decisions
• Use visualization to enhance interview success


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