The 10 Steps of Career Exploration


Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Online - Zoom link shared upon registration
Workshop Description: Description: The career search process may feel like a roller-coaster but understanding the big picture will help you navigate it successfully. For many facing an upcoming career transition, it is natural to look at the vast landscape of career opportunities and worry about how to choose or prepare. Through discussion of each component of career exploration, participants will gain information and resources to strategize their next steps, no matter where they are in the overall process, and ultimately be successful by intentionally navigating the transition from their current role to their next.
Learning objectives: Participants will gain perspective about the 10 components of career exploration and job searching including: self-assessment, networking, researching potential career paths and identifying potential jobs, identifying skill gaps to target for skill acquisition, conducting informational interviews, as well as preparing their application materials and LinkedIn profile, excelling in interviews, and negotiating job offers.

Speaker Bio: Tracy Costello, PhD, draws from an array of professional experiences fuel her passion for improving the postdoctoral experience. She is currently a career coach and professional development trainer for PhDs ( and the executive coach for STEMPeers’ Gurukool networking and professional development platform. She earned her doctorate in biomathematics & biostatistics and human & molecular genetics, from The University of Texas MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Houston. Her predoctoral and postdoctoral work were funded in part by an R25 Fellowship n Cancer Prevention and focused on development of statistical methodology for application in genetics.
During her postdoctoral training at MD Anderson Cancer Center, she additionally served as the chair of her local postdoc association and on the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) Board of Directors, and subsequently transitioned to staff positions in academia and industry. She returned to MD Anderson in 2012 to expand the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and was subsequently recruited to Moffitt Cancer Center in 2017 to create a new office. She has provided career development workshops and keynotes for numerous universities, professional societies, and non-profits including the American Heart Association, Society for Neuroscience, STEMPeers, the Texas Medical Center’s Annual Postdoctoral Career Symposium, NYC Tri-Institutional Career Symposium, 30+ universities, and serves as a reviewer on study sections for both NIH and NSF. She volunteers her time as current member and former Chair of the NPA Board of Directors and the Vice President for U.S. Relations on the Board of Directors for STEMPeers.